Lore Vanelslande

Running With Light



Lore Vanelslande (1983, Ieper) graduated in 2007 from KASK – School of Arts in Ghent, as a Master in Textile Design. The concentration, precision and patience we associate with this ancient craft have since been the composing forces of her drawings.

Rather than holding on to a predetermined concept, Vanelslande allows herself to work intuitively. She departs from geometric figures, that gradually grow into complex patterns. Her drawings line with Minimal Art, but also carry a spiritual energy. It is all related to the concept of ‘sacred geometry’: symbols that can be found both in nature and in the ancient structures of sanctuaries all over the world. They can be seen as manifestations of a certain essence, that lies beyond visual reality.

Lore Vanelslande’s work does not want to impose meaning, but opens up to the thoughts and perception of the viewer, which can continuously evolve.

Running With Light

*This first edition is an open edition, which can be reproduced according to demand.

Running With Light is a series of five works of art by Lore Vanelslande, produced as an edition by Masureel Art Factory. The edition includes four classic wallcoverings and one digital print on seven panels.

The series expresses the artist’s search for unity between our consciousness and the nature of reality. Executed in tones of white and subtle pastels, the geometric wall patterns become part of our atmosphere, in an interplay between light, movement and reflection. Every shift of position in the space will change the perceived image or structure on the wall, giving it the character of a ‘perpetual being-in-becoming’.

Lore Vanelslande creates an atmosphere of softness and harmony, that transforms a home into a quiet companion. And so the wallcovering becomes a comforting existence, that brings inner peace and helps the body energy to re-align.

I wanted to create an atmosphere that surrounds but not invades perception, a presence that gently and unconsciously connects with our minds.

The wallpaper is part of your moving sphere and is always in the background, it becomes more of a comforting existence or consciousness, that kind of gives you peace and rest and helps you realign, without you having to do anything.

It just adjusts your frequency automatically, your energy recognizes the simple harmonics of the geometry and your body and your body’s cells resonate with it, because it is their most natural state of being, this harmony.

So in this way, your house becomes your ally, your healer, just by entering it.

Lore Vanelslande

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